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We're building out the slickest decentralized, non-custodial asset management marketplace on Solana.
Here at, we're building out the slickest decentralized, non-custodial asset management marketplace on Solana, powered by the Serum & Orca DEXes, and integrated with Mango Markets!
The 'V2 Alpha' build of the protocol, which is currently live on the Solana mainnet, is designed to cater more fairly to the interests of all stakeholders in the realm of asset management - to both Pool Managers and Participants alike! 💱
To us, 'fair' has always meant no minimum investments, uninterrupted custody of your funds, no expensive management fees, and no withdrawal delays. It also means a hassle-free entry into the space, without the bureaucracy and red tape plaguing TradFi investment vehicles.
In practice, this means that
Participants can:
  • Invest in as many pools as they'd like, with no minimum investment amount, and no entry fees;
  • Choose from a wide range of pools with varied strategies;
  • Rest assured knowing that their funds are held securely in a smart contract - and not in the hands of the Pool Manager; and
  • Only pay performance fees if the value of their investment increases!
Pool Managers can:
  • Raise investment directly into their pool with near-zero setup or ongoing costs.
  • Build out their own pool using Mango Market perps/margin, spot trades using Serum, and hybrid funds for hedged positions,
  • using an ever-growing number of assets; and
  • Earn a manager-determined performance fee (up to 30%) based on the appreciation of the pool under management!
As mentioned, the protocol is live and accessible, with all our powerful integrations in place and ready for action. Only two questions remain...
  • Managers, when will we see your pool topping our leaderboard? 📈
  • Participants, when will we see your investments moon? 🌝
Happy trading,
The SolStreet Team
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