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We're building out the slickest decentralized fund marketplace on Solana, powered by the Serum DEX.
SolStreet protocol (currently in beta on Solana mainnet) caters fairly to the interests of stakeholders β€” investors and asset managers alike.

Investors can:

  • Invest in as many funds as you would like, with no minimum investment, and no entry fees.
  • Choose from a range of funds β€” each utilizing a unique strategy via the liquid Serum DEX β€” to build your optimal portfolio.
  • Rest assured that your funds are secure as a result of being held securely in a smart contract, unable to be withdrawn by anybody but you.
  • Only pay performance fees if the value of your investment increases.

Fund managers can:

  • Raise investment directly into funds with no setup or ongoing costs.
  • Earn a manager-determined performance fee based on any fund appreciation, subject to a high-watermark.
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