3/3 The Great Gainsby
Part 3 of 3 in a series of Devnet trading competitions.
Following on directly from our Good Fill Hunting competition, the SolStreet team invites you to partake in the third and final instalment of our Money Never Sleeps challenge series: The Great Gainsby (scheduled to commence late-October).
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For step by step registration instructions you can watch the following tutorial videos
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Step 4
This video explain what SolStreet is, and how you can setup your Phantom wallet to get started.
Now just connect your wallet to the SolStreet protol, and you're in. Drop some testnet SOL into your wallet first, click the Create Account button to finalize your setup. Now you can edit your profile appearance to personalize your portfolio.
Create a fund and make your investors proud.
Invest & Redeem into SolStreet funds
Here is a full walkthrough:
Participants will battle it out for 500,000 STRT tokens (valued at approximately $300,000). We’re excited to announce the following categories:
  • 200,000 STRT in prizes will be awarded to the top 500 participants in the best STRT score (The STRT score is determined by a proprietary ranking algorithm, with this algorithm subject to change at any point)
  • 150,000 STRT will go to the highest fund ROI
  • 150,000 STRT reserved for a mystery category (to be announced during the course of the competition)
As was the case in the first and second competition, the winners of each category will receive an additional prize in the form of a unique ‘The Great Gainsby’ NFT. This, along with the other STRT token rewards, will be distributed after our Mainnet launch later this year.
We’ve been listening to our community through SolStreet’s feedback portal and social channels over the course of the Money Never Sleeps series, with our top notch developers working hard to build and integrate some of the much-requested features. The features to be implemented over the coming days include major improvements to the user interface experience across the whole of the SolStreet platform, as well as live price charts using TradingView.
Some important points worth noting:
In The Great Gainsby, the live leaderboard rankings will be the final results. The investor ROI category was removed due to complications working with on chain data across such a large dataset making a live investor ROI leaderboard challenging. All registered and qualifying participants will be added to a whitelist, thus displaying them on the leaderboard. Any non-conforming, unregistered, or disqualified funds will be added to an ‘exclude list’, effectively removing them from the leaderboard. There is no limit on the number of funds a manager may create, but in the event that more than one fund qualifies for a prize, only the higher ranking fund in each qualifying category will be awarded. Due to how drastically time affects STRT scores, scores will once again only be calculated for funds created within the first three days of the competition starting.
Should the fund manager purposefully abuse the airdrop system, include profanities in the name of their fund, advertise third party projects, or manipulation of any kind (exceptions may be made for reported bugs), then the fund manager risks being added to the exclude list and as such, disqualified from The Great Gainsby competition.
The SolStreet team reserves the right to change the rules of the competition (where circumstances demand such changes), and — as mentioned previously — the final decisions made (with regard to the whitelist/blacklist placement) by SolStreet team remains the final word. The tokens will be subject to a 4 year linear vesting period — consistent with the vesting period of other SolStreet ecosystem partners. SolStreet retains sole discretion regarding the determination of eligibility for rewards.
Enter The Great Gainsby competition:
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