Setting up

Step 1: Airdrop SOL

You will need devnet SOL in your wallet to pay for transactions on the network, don’t worry it won’t cost you anything. Head to, login, select devnet and request a SOL airdrop.

Step 2: Connect your registered Sollet wallet

Navigate to and connect your registered Sollet wallet. You will need to login again. Your wallet will need to be connected any time you wish to interact with funds on the protocol — you’ll know you’re connected if you see your Solana address displayed where the CONNECT button used to be.

Step 3: Airdrop 100k USDC

You can now click AIRDROP to fund yourself with 100,000 USDC to get started in the competition. This is a two-step process.
Click CREATE ACCOUNT to whitelist yourself on the SolStreet protocol.
You will then have to approve the transaction in the Sollet popup window. Sometimes this can get hidden and you will need to minimize the window in front. This is a requirement whenever performing a blockchain interaction on the protocol.
Once processed (it can take a while) your Account hash will be pre-filled and you can click AIRDROP (100K) to fund your account with USDC for investment.
Approve the transaction in the Sollet popup.
Wait for it to complete successfully — this can again take a while due to devnet limitations — and you will see your 100,000 USDC ready for you to start investing and/or creating your own fund.