The STRT Token
A one-stop reference sheet answering all of your $STRT-related questions.

A Reminder: What is $STRT?

Issued by the protocol, $STRT is’s native token. Our native token’s primary use is to facilitate the governance of the protocol, determine the usage of treasury assets and protocol parameterization, and help shape the direction that the protocol moves.

‘Wen token?’

Token genesis will commence in the first quarter of 2022, following the launch of the protocol on the Solana mainnet. These tokens will vest linearly over a 4-year period, as discussed in the protocol litepaper.

When can we expect the token’s IDO?

Details on the initial dex offering will be provided closer to the commencement of token minting/genesis.

I won STRT tokens during the Money Never Sleeps trading series; when will I receive these tokens?

Tokens won during the paper-trading series will be issued once the minting and distribution process has commenced in the first quarter of 2022. These tokens will vest linearly over a 4-year period.

When is the $STRT airdrop?

As per the description above, the STRT token serves a functional role for the protocol: There is no airdrop - and there never will be.