After the mainnet launch, the eventual aim is for further development of the protocol to be governed via governance proposals and votes. Given the importance of developing and launching a scalable protocol, the core development team will make most of the decisions until the governance module is launched and ready for voting.

Q3 2021

Beginning of SolStreet Finance 🌱

  • SolStreet Finance teams up with winners of the 2021 Solana Season Orca AMM competition (0xalexbai), who serve as the software development team.
  • Money Never Sleeps trading competition begins with Wolf of SolStreet.
  • Initial devnet deployment of
  • 60,000 participants in Wolf of SolStreet.
  • Wolf of SolStreet ends with 1,500+ participants qualifying for a share of 200,000 $STRT tokens and exclusive SolStreet NFTs.

Q4 2021

  • Successful VC seeding round with investments from Invictus Capital, EBT Holdings, Black Onyx, Nodeseeds, and FiveWest.
  • Good FIll Hunting trading competition takes place with 1,500+ participants qualifying for a share of 300,000 $STRT tokens and exclusive SolStreet NFTs.
  • Complete UI upgrade to SolStreet Finance.
  • SolStreet Testers provided feedback and made improvements to UI during a closed beta environment ahead of The Great Gainsby.
  • The Great Gainsby ends with 2,250+ participants qualifying for a share of 500,000 $STRT tokens and exclusive SolStreet NFTs.

SolStreet Finance schedules and end-of-year beta launch on Solana Mainnet πŸš€

Q1 2022

SolStreet Finance on Solana Mainnet (w/Serum integration) πŸ“ˆ

  • The genesis of $STRT tokens and initial distribution of prizes for the Money Never Sleeps competition series.
  • Begin support for NFT integration as well as NFT-based funds.
  • Mango Markets DEX integration.
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