After the mainnet launch, the eventual aim is for further development of the protocol to be governed via governance proposals and votes. Given the importance of developing and launching a scalable protocol, the core development team will make most of the decisions until the governance module is launched and ready for voting.

Near term (~3 months)

Our short term goals include:
  • Launch devnet trading competition, Money Never Sleeps
  • Retroactive rewards issuance to Money Never Sleeps users
  • Mainnet launch and token genesis

Medium term (6 months post Mainnet launch)

  • Launch of governance portal for voting
  • Protocol liquidity pool for asset swaps
  • SaaA model (Strategy as an Asset, i.e. automated grid trading, spot/futures arbitrage, etc.)

Long term (12 months post Mainnet launch)

  • Lending pool
    • Allow asset managers to leverage their holdings
    • This will enable other managers to earn a deposit on their holdings
  • Bond market
  • “TrueFi” model lending to asset managers for off-chain strategies using the protocol treasury
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