STRT token issuance and distribution schedule
The graph below shows an aggregate release of the tokens over a 4 year period (208 weeks). Maximum circulating supply is reached at 4 years (208 weeks), however, the final two years of token inflation is entirely driven by token vesting, or unlocks.
Once max supply is reached, the token breakdown per category will appear as follows:

STRT token emission

The table below outlines the different emission period and quantity of each lot of tokens:
Lot allocation
Token absolute allocation
Emission period
Quantity of emission
Performance mining
2 years*
Will decline exponentially at a rate of 1.5% per week. The emission will begin immediately after the launch on mainnet.
Performance mining incentives in the form of token inflation will be allocated to the top -performing funds during the launch phase (see ‘Tokenomics’ below) according to the SolStreet Ranking algorithm.
4 years
Linear vesting over 4 years.
The core team will be responsible for launching and maintaining the product. Token vesting will happen over a 4 year period as defined in the release schedule below.
Strategic investors
4 years for private sale.
Immediate vesting for public participants
Linear vesting over 4 years.
Strategic investors, to the extent they fully exercise their rights to purchase STRT tokens.
There are 3 groups of investors:
  • Seed investors
  • Private sale investors
  • Public sale participants
Only public sale participants will have no vesting applied to their token issuance.
Ecosystem development and strategic reserve
Up to 4 years
Dependent on the nature of release.
To be used for growth initiatives, potentially including but not limited to:
  • Money Never Sleeps competition rewards
  • Initial liquidity provision for the STRT token (and potentially LP incentives)
  • Rewards for STRT stakers (year 1 & 2)
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Serum staking for protocol-wide fee discounts (see Ecosystem fund)
*Performance mining program will continue to operate after token inflation ceases by redistributing tokens purchased by the Treasury (see ‘Tokenomics’ below).
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