STRT-USDC LP Ongoing Rewards

As of termination of the Phase 2 Bootstrap Period, and for 1 year after that, 1 million STRT will be distributed to users who provide liquidity to the STRT-USDC pool, distributed evenly (block-by-block) throughout that period. Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool Participants will earn these rewards while their tokens remain in the pool.
Year 1 Liquidity Provider Rewards = (Individual LP TokensTotal LP Tokens)  block rewards allocation\scriptsize Year \ 1 \ Liquidity \ Provider \ Rewards \ = \ \left( \frac{Individual \ LP \ Tokens}{Total \ LP \ Tokens} \right) \ * \ block \ rewards \ allocation
​Thereafter, should circumstances require, governance will be responsible for implementing any further liquidity-enhancing measures; potentially including (but not limited to):
    token bonds.
  • Airdrops to liquidity providers.