Why Solana?
Solana is an exceptional blockchain for the task of hosting a decentralized asset management protocol. It offers throughput of 65,000 transactions per second, near-zero fees, and sub-second block times. Additionally the blockchain has a focus on finance and providing deep, cross-protocol liquidity via its Serum DEX β€” which makes use of an efficient orderbook as opposed to slippage-prone automated market makers (AMMs).
The rapidly growing Solana ecosystem eclipsed $1bn in TVL for the first time in May 2021, providing the project with the opportunity of partnering with other promising early-stage projects to symbiotically expand functionality and grow TVL, volumes and community awareness.
Development on Solana typically utilizes Rust, a high-performance programming language that does not compromise on security β€” while allowing for development more familiar to most software engineers than languages like Solidity.
The performant nature of the Solana blockchain should allow the protocol to appeal to a set of fund managers that currently have no natural on-chain home, enabling us to attract an audience of high-frequency traders using strategies that have been sidelined in the past by inefficient blockchains. Additionally, the playing field for market makers and other traders with high-quality strategies but limited access to collateral is levelled somewhat, as the protocol provides an efficient means of sourcing capital to scale up strategies.
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