The STRT Token Hunt

Hope you're hungry.
Wolfie holders have a shot at sinking their teeth into a potential total of 2 million STRT tokens, at a possible average of 360 STRT per Wolfie. Multiple Wolfies could entitle a holder to stacked token allocations.
Why “a shot at”, a “possible” and “potential” allocation of STRT? Same reason why a wolf that doesn't hunt with the pack, doesn't eat with the pack. Wolves that rely solely on the efforts of others, don’t feast with the others.
In order to qualify for token vesting, Wolfies must be held in a wallet that is acting as an investor and/or pool manager on the SolStreet protocol, subject to a $30 USD minimum deposit threshold.
Wolfies relaxing on a secondary marketplace get no STRT. More information on STRT is set out in the full documentation, here.
In particular, STRT acquired through Wolfies is still subject to the STRT disclaimer, terms and conditions. By purchasing or holding a Wolfie, you agree to the disclaimer, terms and conditions. Do not purchase or hold a Wolfie if you do not agree to the disclaimer, terms and conditions.
When does the the Wolfie Token Hunt start?
The Wolfie mint is taking place before the STRT token genesis. Once STRT token genesis takes place, and for a period of one year thereafter, STRT will be earned by qualifying Wolfies. During the period between Wolfie mint and the STRT token genesis, Wolfies will not yet have a shot at STRT. It will not be possible for Wolfies to earn STRT before token genesis, nor will they earn STRT after expiry of the 1 year vesting period.
How will the Wolfie Token Hunt work?
STRT tokens are streamed to wallets which hold a qualifying Wolfie, and are claimable every 24 hours. If you hold a qualifying Wolfie for the entire vesting period, you will get all of the STRT that is possible to get from that Wolfie. If you hold the Wolfie for one day only, you will only get one day’s STRT and the next holder will have a shot at earning the balance of the STRT that is possible to be earned on that Wolfie.
The 360 STRT are allocated linearly over 1 year but this linear allocation pauses when the Wolfie is unstaked and idle. SCENARIO: Ghost invests $100 in John's fund which qualifies him 360 STRT / 365 = 0.98 STRT per day if he owns a Wolfie and stakes that Wolfie in John's fund. At the end of the week Ghost decides to disinvest so he first claims his STRT (0.98 * 7 = 6.86 STRT, unstakes his Wolfie and withdraws his ~$100 PnL. Ghost’s Wolfie now has 353.32 STRT (360 - 6.68 STRT) which will be claimable by him or any new holder of the Wolfie once the owner invests into and/or starts a fund and stakes the Wolfie in said fund. If the Wolfie sits idle for 2 years and then only gets staked alongside an investment it will still have an outstanding allocation of 353.32 claimable.
Further details of the Wolfie staking mechanism will be shared in due course.