Where we've been... and where we're headed... 👀

Q3 2021

Beginning of 🌱

  • teams up with winners of the 2021 Solana Season Orca AMM competition (0xalexbai), who serve as the software development team.
  • Money Never Sleeps paper trading competition series begins with Part I: Wolf of SolStreet.
  • Initial devnet deployment of
  • 60,000 participants in Wolf of SolStreet.
  • Wolf of SolStreet ends with 1,500+ top traders qualifying for a share of 200,000 $STRT tokens and exclusive SolStreet NFTs.

Q4 2021

  • Successful VC seeding round with investments from Big Brain Holdings, Nodeseeds, Black Onyx, FiveWest, and Invictus Capital.
  • Good FIll Hunting, part II of the trading competition takes place with 1,500+ gigabrained participants qualifying for a share of 300,000 $STRT tokens and exclusive SolStreet NFTs.
  • Completed UI upgrade to
  • SolStreet Testers provided feedback and made improvements to UI during a closed beta environment ahead of trading competition part III: The Great Gainsby.
  • The Great Gainsby ends with 2,250+ top participants qualifying for a share of 500,000 $STRT tokens and exclusive SolStreet NFTs. Deploys to the Solana Mainnet 📈

Q1 2022

  • Development and internal testing of V2 Alpha (also known as The Big One™) begins. V2 Alpha is integrated with Mango Markets DEX, allowing SolStreeters to make use of perps/margin trading, build hybrid pools for hedged positions, utilize additional assets and create larger baskets, engage via pool forums, and much moar!
  • The protocol undergoes a complete UI upgrade to accommodate new upgrades and integrations.
  • Development of the Wolfie NFT collection (litepaper & art) begins.

Q2 2022

  • SolStreet team concludes successful Series A funding round.
  • SolStreet Testers participate in a second closed beta, trialing and providing feedback on The Big One™.
  • Work on V2 Alpha wraps up; V2 Alpha: The Big One™ Goes Live! 📈

  • The team kicked off the development of the first-ever noncustodial NFT-based pools, successfully demoing the MVP at Hacker House Barcelona.
  • Work on updated SolStreet Protocol litepaper and tokenomics is completed.

Q3 2022

Updated SolStreet Protocol Litepaper and Tokenomics Breakdown Released 📜

  • Work on revised Roadmap completed.

Q4 2022

Here's What To Expect... 👇
Roadmap 2.0: Time to Build
  • Our team rolled out DemystiFi, a podcast by SolStreet: “The wild world of web3. The dauntless land of DeFi. DemystiFi is unravelling it, one idea at a time. Join two DeFi dudes/degens (hosts Alexis & Geoff) for wide-ranging, semi-serious, curiosity-driven conversations with founders and builders from our corner of the internet.”
  • Community testing of the new Limit Order feature commences.
  • Confirm and release new protocol assets for use by fund managers.
  • STRT Token Genesis: It's Coming [SOON]. For more on this, see our latest Medium article, here - as well as the 7th of our SolStreet Block Party community calls, here.
  • Commence community testing of the new DAO governance mechanism.
  • And, further down the line, [i] re-commence work on the Wolfies NFT collection - [2] as well as open-source the protocol!
Hold on tightly, SolStreeters - we're just getting started!
After our full mainnet launch, an eventual goal is to see the protocol governed by our community, via governance proposals and votes. Given the importance of developing and launching a scalable protocol, the core development team will make most of the decisions until the governance module is launched and ready for participation.